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Hello from Abder and Sara, creators of the blog TheBoardingCouple, two lovers in life and lovers of travel.

We had the idea to create the blog in order to share with you our experiences (itineraries, tips, photos etc.) and to make you, simply, discover our destinations.

Souvenirs de voyages

Originally from Fes in Morocco , we have now been living in France for more than 8 years and between France and Switzerland since 2020.

Oh yes before we forget, We are no longer the traveling couple, but now the traveling family 😀 since March 2020, we have a new travel companion, the new captain Rali Noah. In less than 3 years, he was able to discover fifteen countries with us.

For the most curious of you, one of the things that pushed us to create this blog is the fact of wanting to help the travelers by facilitating the preparation of his trip .

Full-time computer consultants, we try to take advantage of each day off to discover new destinations, with 5 weeks of holidays and some extra day off ,we are not going to talk about world tours or 6-month trips, we try to optimize our trips in terms of distance, money and time (Ask for days off without pay, it happens to us too … LOL but not often 😀 ).

You will not hear us talk about hostel, dormitory or spend the night with someone met the day before, we are rather room in hotel booked in advance (a minimum of comfort because for us to travel is to have fun 😉 )

One last very important point, we chose to write our articles in two languages, ​​French and English, in order to reach the maximum audience, and allow people regardless of their language to enjoy our articles and better organize their trips.

If you like our blog, talk to your friends, if you have any questions, suggestions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact us.


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